A HomeFront Kids4Kids Story

A HomeFront Kids4Kids Story

Shonda is a young mother who passed through HomeFront two years ago.  She and Matt, her 13-year old son, ended up on the street when she lost her job and then her apartment.  She stayed in HomeFront’s transitional living program and they helped her put her life back together.

“Matt is soccer crazy,” Shonda says.  “And he is not one who just wants to watch it on televsion.  He has spent hours on the playground making moves with his soccer ball.  He wants to be on the high school team – and he is good.” 

“Thing is, he needed a new pair of cleats,” she adds.  “His old ones were dirty and falling apart.  I just could not find the money for new ones after buying food and paying the rent.”

Then my case manager showed up with a gift card to Payless Shoes so I took Matt out and bought him a new pair of cleats,” she says.  He was so happy.  He takes special care of them and he will be trying out for the team.  Speaking for myself, I just want to tell these good people that I can’t thank them enough.  And, Matt says thanks, too, with a big smile on his face.”

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