Grubstake Challenge


Grubstake Challenge Raises $2,328

For those who don’t know what grubstake means, grubstake is the amount of money needed to get an endeavor started. In HomeFront lingo, it is the amount of money required to move into an apartment. This amount is usually a security deposit, first month’s rent and a utility deposit. Understanding how difficult it is for many struggling families to have that amount of money on hand, the Friedman family in West Windsor issued the Grubstake Challenge. Spearheaded by son AJ, and assisted by daughter Theza, they held an open house at West Windsor’s McCaffrey’s Bistro, collected loose change, received a significant corporate gift, and challenged their friends — and the baggies of loose change grew and grew. Proudly they presented HomeFront with enough money to pay the security deposit and the first month’s rent for a family in need.

However this may be just the beginning! Young Theza exclaimed, “If we do this every year until I am 80, we can get 72 families off the streets and into homes.” The Friedmans have a special place in the hearts of our HomeFront families and our caring community. Thank you!

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